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Morgan Picks


We aim to make high quality picks at an affordable price. Our goal is to make guitar picks that feels better the ones you can buy at prices above 10 euros, but at a fraction of the price.

We always want to hear your opinion on our picks, and where you think we can improve. This is where we can become even better making the tool you prefer when playing your guitar. Our products will be work in progress, where we always will be working on new picks. We want a range of picks, that will appeal to a wide audience. Constructive criticism is always welcome, we want to improve and make the best picks possible.

Guitar picks are often expensive if they are anything but a flat pick. We utilize the advantages of modern injection molding to make solid picks with various properties at a fraction of the price of handmade picks.

You want a pick with great feel, good grip, etc. but you probably don’t want to pay 10 or 15 euro each if you risk loosing it, having to buy a new one at the same price. Or maybe 2-3 picks setting you back 20-40 euros. Picks are important for you playstyle, and you should be able to use them as you please without having to worry too much about the price.